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Do you feel your company’s publications don’t quite come up to your expectations?

Failing to market your products and services properly is a waste, and optimising your publications is probably the most cost-effective way of improving your business.

Wearset offer a range of services through which we translate all our experiences from the publishing industry to transform your publications. After all, in its simplest terms, the publishing industry exists to provide the conduit between an author and the audience: the very essence of marketing.

Our range of services include:

  • editorial and proofreading: for accuracy and clarity
  • copy-writing: getting your message across
  • typesetting and design: precise layouts that promote reading
  • images: visual hooks and focus on product USPs.

If you want your customers and stakeholders to be impressed, go for beautiful layouts, clarity and accuracy in your message. Please contact us to see how we transform publications, including:

  • annual reports
  • stakeholder reports
  • product literature
  • tender documents.

Furthermore, if your company sells a complex range of products, then our knowledge of database systems will allow us to work with you in streaming your range towards your customers in clear, useable formats including web-based and e-pub formats, allowing you to move ahead of your competitors by rapidly responding to market trends and opportunities.

Contact us to discuss your exact needs.


Series management for high-impact resources always delivered on time.



Quality first, high-volume capability from manuscript to print to e-pub.



Precise data management, expert layouts and our passion for sport.



Our publishing expertise maximised to promote your company.