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Typesetting for Education

Typesetting is a traditional but highly skilled process in the production of educational books, and here at Wearset we have the ability to organise complex layouts and integrate information seamlessly.

The books we produce not only have the high visual impact required to retain student interest, but also convey information concisely and accurately. Learning is dependent on the absorption of information, and clear, high-quality pages aid pupil comprehension and development.

Wearset tailor the typesetting and design to your specification. We know that each project’s needs are unique, and we are well-equipped to help you achieve the best end product. In a recent survey, clients stated that Wearset were positioned at the top of the market for quality, and provided a first-class service.

Whether you need homework books, student books, teacher guides, revision guides or other resources, we have the expertise and flexibility to ensure that you get a superior, specialist finish for your product.


Series management for high-impact resources always delivered on time.



Quality first, high-volume capability from manuscript to print to e-pub.



Precise data management, expert layouts and our passion for sport.



Our publishing expertise maximised to promote your company.