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Quality management for Education

The quality management of education projects requires detailed attention and the focus of adaptive and experienced staff.

Our proofreaders have the specialist skill set needed to proofread the subject matter, and also the experience and awareness of the requirements of an educational text and its target age group. Therefore we ensure optimum quality of information, as well as bespoke language and presentation best suited to the expected audience.

We understand the pedagogy behind your book, and ensure that the material can be communicated and comprehended effectively. Working closely with typesetting and design we make sure that text is tightly allied with illustration so information can be conveyed with greater ease and speed, which is paramount in today’s classroom.

Wearset work with long-standing clients in the delivery of publications for the education market, and are known in the sector as specialists in these publications.

Your specification is our foundation, and from there we refine and improve manuscripts into interesting, high value resources in a range of delivery formats.


Series management for high-impact resources always delivered on time.



Quality first, high-volume capability from manuscript to print to e-pub.



Precise data management, expert layouts and our passion for sport.



Our publishing expertise maximised to promote your company.