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Academic editing

When editing academic content, our aim is to retain the unique essence of the author whilst ensuring accuracy and readability of the text.

Our copy-editors are very experienced in dealing with international authors, recognising that English is often a second language. Working to a timely schedule, they liaise with the author to ensure that the sense of the manuscript is clear and precise. In the case of multi-author titles, our copy-editors will work closely with the series editor  to determine whether consistency should be applied throughout the book or by chapter.

We are experts in working with manuscripts that contain complex elements, whether that is economic formulae or script-based languages (i.e. Arabic). We treat such elements with special care to ensure that they retain the same structure that the author originally intended.

The output is the highest possible quality of publication that authors feel pride in and satisfies the publisher’s demands for style, consistency, budget and schedule.


Series management for high-impact resources always delivered on time.



Quality first, high-volume capability from manuscript to print to e-pub.



Precise data management, expert layouts and our passion for sport.



Our publishing expertise maximised to promote your company.