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Wearset’s typesetting team is founded on staff’s long-standing expertise and continuous improvements to processes and technology. This results in an ever-increasing level of quality and a team that is continually ahead of the curve in typesetting processes.

Our combination of experience and innovation spans the days of hot metal, through phototypesetting and into desktop publishing. We are continually looking forwards, assessing and adapting our service to our clients’ present and future needs.

Here at Wearset, our current workstations are Mac OS X. Most layouts are created using the Adobe Creative Suite; InDesign is our preferred application for layout design. Quark Xpress is also used, together with Microsoft Word and all of the Office suite. Alongside this, we create Acrobat PDF pages to distribute proofs for annotation and collation. It is our continual assessment and improvement of our technology that results in your high-quality books.

In addition to our print typesetting, we are able to create XML-based content, as well as e-books and e-platform development.

The team is at the centre of our integrated production system, pulling together all the resources to move your titles swiftly and seamlessly through the proofing stages.

Contact us if you want to know more about our approach to typesetting and design.


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