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Prepress considerations when re-using content

Getting more for less and leveraging content are two of the biggest product strategies being applied in publishing right now. Subsequently, we are often asked to plan the production of new titles and series using the previous edition as the starting point. This article aims to give an insight to anyone contemplating this route by outlining ten key ‘green light’ production considerations.

If you have a project in mind, then score your project by seeing how many green lights you could light up:

7–10 green lights
Excellent! Your project is most likely to be successful as you must have firm objectives and a decent plan in place. Any areas you didn’t award yourself a green light will require some refinement and coordination.

4–6 green lights
Moderate. Your project is full of production risks and is likely to run into difficulties….

0–3 green lights
Poor. You are facing an uphill struggle to produce anything decent. A lack of objectivity and planning means that this project is doomed to failure unless strong, decisive actions are implemented immediately.

We offer a full range of services ideal for re-use projects, ranging from text extraction into editable templates through to re-purposing designs. Please contact us if you are considering such a project.


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